About Aufderworld

Our approach is simple. We take care of the details so you don't have to.

Aufderworld is a satellite and audio/video company that sells commercial entertainment solutions in the senior housing, hospitality, hospital and retail industries. Since 1983, Aufderworld has been dedicated to providing top customer service and support, focusing not just on sales, but also on consulting, engineering and installation, to help our clients quickly enhance their revenue opportunities and overall satisfaction.

We offer an exclusive 3-Tier Service Level agreement, complete with specialized support personnel who are dedicated to both the programming and the technical aspects of a system. It is this level of customer service that has allowed Aufderworld to position ourselves as one of DIRECTV's leading providers with respect to customer retention. 

With decades of experience, Aufderworld's executive team can assist with entertainment technology needs.

The Aufderworld 8 Step Process

1. Consultation

light-bulb-icon.png We provide a complete evaluation, assessed prior to hearing our advice and recommended solutions.

2. Design and Engineering

pen-icon.pngWe take the evaluation and add recommendations from both our design and engineering teams to provide tailored solutions for you.

3. Proposal and Quote

check-board-icon.pngWe provide you with a personalize proposal and quote, complete with an itemized equipment list, Bill of Materials and Scope of Work that includes a Project Management Plan.

4. Approval Process

calendar.pngWith approval in place, we coordinate a project production schedule and activation launch date, taking care of all details for you.

5. Orientation

play-icon.pngWe help you focus on your residents and patrons improved quality-of-life by getting your Team ready for installation, transition and training.

6. Build and Installation

gears-icon.pngOur certified and trained technicians perform state-of-the-art diagnostic and analytical tools to install your personalized solution for success.

7. Training and Quality Control

intercom-icon.pngAufderworld is driven by your success, elevating all performance standards, signal levels, video and audio quality to the highest levels.

8. Support

consult-icon-white.pngProviding exemplary customer satisfaction is our mission and goal. We are driven by the success of our clients. 

Service is measured in minutes, not miles.

Aufderworld's experienced staff and network of certified support partners provide service no matter where the location. Systems have been installed across the United States, including Puerto Rico and Alaska. Aufderworld's national footprint makes it the right choice for any property. Aufderworld's national service and support is the perfect choice for any organization’s multiple location standardization program.

We are Here 24/7/365

Aufderworld's 24/7/365 service includes experienced, trained and industry-certified personnel that understand systems and are there to assist.