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Satisfy Your Patrons Appetite for the Greatest Entertainment with DIRECTV 

Your patrons love both food on your menu and the service they receive during their visit. Now, give them what will continue to bring them back for more - the entertainment on your TVs. Working with Aufderworld, you can satisfy their appetite for the best in sports, news, entertainment, and music. We have the channels and packages you need to keep your venue the most popular spot in town, securing repeat business week after week. 


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Audio/Video/Satellite Enhancements

To attract new customers and keep your regulars returning, it’s important to create an engaging, immersive and inviting atmosphere. Work with the experience of Aufderworld to design and build innovative systems that enhance this desired environment. Whether you are soothing your patrons, masking conversations in the dining area or energizing them in the bar area we know how to set your venue apart from the competition. It's a science. We have mastered the bar concept and led the way for 30 years, helping clients nationwide.


Our sports packages from DIRECTV are sure to be a hit.

  • Provide more sports channels
  • Reduce your rates over cable
  • Keep your major local networks
  • Control the experience
  • Secure repeat business
  • Corporate Assessment Program for multiple locations

Case Study

The Challenge: A renowned Midwest sports bar was searching for a way to simplify their entire entertainment television system. The obejective was to reduce operating costs with a control system for multiple TV displays.

The Result: Aufderworld provided the consultation and installation of a system that met all of their goals. The result was an increase in monthly sales almost immediately. Staff time operating the system was reduced and guest inconvenience was eliminated.

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