Senior Housing


Simple TV Solutions for Patient Comfort

Patients and their families want and expect to have that “at-home-feeling”, especially when they aren’t feeling well. Aufderworld knows that providing the best entertainment, at an affordable price is important. For decades, Aufderworld has been providing clients with television solutions that entertain, inform and reduce perceived wait times.

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Integrated Customized Channels and More, Tailored for You

  • Information channels that keep patients up-to-date on events, promotions, menus, visiting hours and more
  • Continuing education channels for patients or staff 
  • Diversity channels offering multi-cultural selections 
  • In-house camera and video feed channels for chapel services, daycares, activities and more 
  • Corporate Assessment Program for multiple locations
  • Relaxation channels with restful video scenes and soothing music
  • Movie channels
  • Branded, real-time program guide channels
  • Specialized programming systems for staff lounges, lobbies, waiting areas and cafeterias.
  • DIRECTV Residential Experiences (DRE) and COMM 2000 solutions

Hear what customers are saying about Aufderworld

“The variety of choices from Aufderworld for our DIRECTV needs gives us the edge that is very important to us and our patients.”

- Arizona Hospital’s Manager of Healthcare

“The systems provided to us by Aufderworld run like a Swiss watch.”

- Plant Operations Director for multiple Iowa Hospitals