As summer rolls around, spending time with buddies at the bar with a cold drink begins to become a priority on many Minnesotans’ schedules. After all, there are only so many nice days in a year in our state! As a bar or other similar establishment, you’re no doubt quite preoccupied with offering your clients the best service and atmosphere that you possibly can—and you should be! That’s how you do your part to brighten people’s days and support yourself and your workers.

Part of providing great bar service, though, is providing a great atmosphere—and a lot of that starts with your restaurant audio system. While for many, the fuzzy, tinny drone of the barside radio is an integral part of the scene’s vibe, so to speak, if that’s all you provide in terms of audio for your patrons, you’re failing to take advantage of a powerful mood-boosting technology that can drastically improve your facility’s ambiance. Aufderworld, as a provider of music systems for restaurants and sports bar TV, explains what great bar audio can do for you below.

What Good’s a Gathering Without Good Tunes?

Think of the last great social gathering you hosted or attended, be it with friends or close family. No doubt there was some sort of music playing in the background, be it holiday carols or the latest hits. Without that music to tie the whole gathering together, it probably would have felt very hollow and disconnected. Music has a way of unifying a group of people, smoothing over the most awkward of conversations, and setting the scene for a great time. When you play it through high-quality speakers that project clearly over the typical drink-serving din, it can do similar things in a restaurant or sports bar.

●        Good-quality music helps eliminate any bad vibes people experience in your bar | People often show up to service establishments for a mood boost and to forget about their problems for a while. If your facility isn’t using a high-quality music system to project good tunes, you’re increasing the risk that someone might leave the bar still feeling bad, thus attaching that feeling to your business.

●        Playing the right kind of music sets the mood | Is your bar young and hip or quieter and relaxed? You can create a nuanced ambiance with a curated playlist, but that playlist is only effective if people can hear it clearly.

●        Music helps your servers’ shifts go by more pleasantly | We all know that listening to the radio while you work helps things move along quicker and more enjoyably. Servers’ jobs are hectic; as an employer, it’s the least you can do to give them this luxury.

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